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For any and all commentary, critique, etcetera that you may have about my portrayal of Mitchell.

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"Hey, you've reached Mitchell. Leave a message after the beep, I'll get back as soon as I can."


Around Barry Island, UK, Monday Afternoon
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So maybe, just maybe, it would have been a good idea to text Jack HELP! more than five mintes before the part where George and Nina had run into a room full of feasting vampires wielding only a potted plant and a golf club, shouting "Who wants a piece of my plant?!" (George) to rescue young Adam, but, well, that was hindsight, and hindsight was always 20/20.

Not that there wasn't help required afterwards, but that was rather less acute.

So George wound up sitting back at home, nursing a tea and attempting to type an elaborate apology to Jack in only the small amount of characters he could manage on a text, and not really getting anywhere.

Annie and Mitchell were on their way... honest.Collapse )

[[ for a jack; taken from Being Human 3x02: 'Adam's Family' ]]

Honolulu Heights, Barry Island, Friday
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"...Now this here is your room, isn't that fantastic? I think there's a game of Buckaroo downstairs-- one of the other guests must have left it behind."


The surly teenager standing before George gave him a look that went beyond disbelief. George, being George (and being rather preoccupied with sorting out the boy's sheets) did not let that throw him off his stride. "Yes," he said, decidedly. "It's a fantastic game for two to eight players-- oh, forget it, I'm just trying to think of things to keep you occupied."

... so yes, George handled it exactly like George Sands would.

"I can keep myself occupied," the little vampire said, sighing, and sat down on the bed.

It took a few moments before that one made it through to George's brain, but as soon as it did, he dropped the pillow. "Oh god, you're a teenage boy, of course you can." Ew ew ew ew ew.


George had never been that happy to see Annie before.

"Don't you ever knock?" the boy - Adam - said, eyeballing Annie.

"Oh, I don't have to, being a ghost has some perks," Annie said. She had a smile on her face, her hips shifting a little as she spoke.

"Well, not around me, I don't want ghosts popping up all over the place, it freaks me out," Adam complained.

"You're a forty-six year old vampire," George pointed out, taking a moment to eyeball Adam right back, "who dresses like a child. Don't call her freaky."

"Anyway," Annie said, clearing her throat, "I'm just stopping by to see how you boys are getting on."

"Badly," George said.

Adam leaned over and kicked him.

George nearly toppled over, spun around on one foot, balanced precariously on it for several moments before setting it down on the floor and letting go of a belated, "Ow!"

He pointed a finger at Adam. "He just kicked me!" he shrieked. "I-- Annie! Tell him off!"

The look Annie gave him made it clear that this was not the most mature, manly thing she had ever heard George declare, but also that it wasn't exactly in the running for the least mature, manly thing he had ever said.

George sighed. "I need to call Mitchell," he said. "Again. He's still not answering his phone."

"You've left ten messages," Annie pointed out. "Maybe it's time we tried something else."

"Yeah," George said, rubbing the back of his head and giving Adam the stink-eye. "But who else do we know who knows anything about vampires--"

His eyes met Annie's eyes.

"Right," George said, and dashed-slash-stumbled-slash-flailed his way out the door towards the phone.

[[ for he who has been handwavily summoned here, and myself. Parts taken from Being Human 3x01: Adam's Family ]]

A Bedroom in a House on Barry Island, Wales, Sunday
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"It's been nice seeing Bo again, hasn't it?" George mused.

Nina crossed her arms over her lace corset and gave him a very pointed Look. George fidgeted a bit with the sheets and failed to meet her eyes.

There was a very loud thump.

"I... I really think she and Mitchell are a good match," he said. "She's very nice. Much nicer than the last one."

"You mean the deranged murderess who tried to explode me for being a werewolf?" Nina asked. "Yes, I would say she's a fair bit better than that, George."

There was another, louder thump.

"So that's good," George tried. "Very, very, very good. I think his taste in women is improving. Definitely evidence of that."

Thunk. Thud. Twump.

"However," Nina continued, "You and I were supposed to have a nice night in tonight. Wine. Dinner. Flowers. Private time."

"Well, we are having a nice time, aren't we?" George said. He fidgeted more. "I mean. It's been terribly nice. Together. We are having a nice time together--"

Some plaster fell off the ceiling.


"--Oh for the love of god will you stop showing off, Mitchell!"

"Gnghhhh," Nina said, and yanked the blankets over her head.

[[ 'stablishy. Bo modded with dirty permission! ]]

Honolulu Heights, Thursday Morning
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It had taken Mitchell time to track down Daisy. He had only set off to do it after the first rushes of joy at Annie's return had faded - really, he'd rather not have done it, but he knew a deal when he heard one.

And Lia had been very... specific.

Now, though, he had a good lead on where she was. It'd be something of a drive - an hour or two out - but the vampire he'd shaken up for it had been very clear. So. Now the question remained:

How do you tell an old friend that the beyond had it in for you? And how do you get them to listen?

Especially when they were Daisy.

So, walking back into the house that morning, Mitchell chose a technique that would let him handle it.


"Oh. Reruns."

[[ open for phone calls! ]]

Honolulu Heights, Friday
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So several people had been promised a housewarming party - and George had managed to convince Mitchell not to invite everyone in the whole neighbourhood, so chances were it might not even end in disaster - which would double as a 'welcome back, Annie!' party.

That meant tea. And biscuits. But mostly loads of tea. (And little finger sandwiches; Annie had insisted, claiming they were 'classy'.)

And leis. Annie had been vocal about those, too.

But: now the place was ready, after a week of running around and shopping and arguing and laughing and then running around some more. Time to celebrate.

[[ for those who were invited, and for anyone who thinks they might have been invited! ]]

Honolulu Heights, Barry Island, Friday
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Most of the people Mitchell knew on-island had long since left it - and even if they hadn't, the joy of Annie's return would have ensured that he hadn't exactly been paying attention to any shenanigans going on at the island. Instead, he was crashed out on the sofa in the living room, watching some new reality show on the telly.

Annie was sitting primly... in the other room; they had taken some time to find her a place, but she seemed quite happy there-- here, now.

So all had ended well.

You know. As long as Mitchell chose not to think about the little errand Lia had given him in purgatory. Which he did. With great abandon.

He lit another cigarette and sat back with his beer.

[[ for a very frustrated succubus... ]]

The House Called Honolulu Heights, Barry Island, Monday Morning
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George sat at the breakfast table with an untouched cup of tea, doing what he had been doing for most of last week... nothing, staring at the walls, trying not cry.

All right, so during the full moon things had gotten a bit... interesting... between him and Nina, so that had broken up the staring somewhat, but... that had only lasted so long. So now he sat here, and nursed his tea, and barely met Nina's eyes the few times she tried to get to him.

Then the door behind him opened, thudding against the wall, and he jerked up. Oh god-- would it be Mitchell and Annie? Were they back?

Some of the hope fled him as he looked: it was Mitchell, alive-- well, undead-- and well, thank god, but no sign of Annie.

No sign of Annie.

He couldn't deal with it any longer. The tears wrestled their way out and he sobbed out loud; no doubt he looked as ugly as he felt.

... and then the sound of tea clattering into his mug pulled him out of it. He looked up and stared directly into Annie's face, and her smile, god-- George hurled himself at her, hugging her tight, as behind him Nina did the same to Mitchell.

Mitchell-- pulled out his phone, and texted a quick, We're back!!! to the people who'd care. Then the three of them took Annie and dragged her from room to room, showing off their new home, and celebrating the return of a friend.

[[ open to texts! Taken from Being Human 3x01. I miss this show, I really do. ]]

Somewhere, Sometime, Somehow, Beyond Life, Sunday
mitchell-annie: scared
"...Mitchell, why are we on a train?"

Mitchell opened his eyes.

Flickering lights, dark windows, a stark sense of death and decay-- they weren't on a train. They'd boarded the site of a tragedy... and he had a vague idea why. He wished he didn't. "It's... I don't know," he admitted. "I didn't do this."

But someone he knew had.

He walked past the rows of seats... (Cut for some gore.)Collapse )


Then there was darkness...

A long corridor...

And Annie, running at him, throwing her arms around his neck...

...and then the ocean, crashing into the shore of Barry Island.

[[ and done. NFB, NFI, OOC-okay, and severely adapted from Being Human 3x01. ]]


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