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A Bedroom in a House on Barry Island, Wales, Sunday
mitchell: kiss (vamp to vamp)
"It's been nice seeing Bo again, hasn't it?" George mused.

Nina crossed her arms over her lace corset and gave him a very pointed Look. George fidgeted a bit with the sheets and failed to meet her eyes.

There was a very loud thump.

"I... I really think she and Mitchell are a good match," he said. "She's very nice. Much nicer than the last one."

"You mean the deranged murderess who tried to explode me for being a werewolf?" Nina asked. "Yes, I would say she's a fair bit better than that, George."

There was another, louder thump.

"So that's good," George tried. "Very, very, very good. I think his taste in women is improving. Definitely evidence of that."

Thunk. Thud. Twump.

"However," Nina continued, "You and I were supposed to have a nice night in tonight. Wine. Dinner. Flowers. Private time."

"Well, we are having a nice time, aren't we?" George said. He fidgeted more. "I mean. It's been terribly nice. Together. We are having a nice time together--"

Some plaster fell off the ceiling.


"--Oh for the love of god will you stop showing off, Mitchell!"

"Gnghhhh," Nina said, and yanked the blankets over her head.

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